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From the collection

The Caprice collection are designed by the talented Norwegian designer Gunilla Sterud. All pieces are produced by hand in a small workshop in Athens Greece by professional artisans. The materials used are guaranteed nickel-free and the pins of the earrings are all in silver. The jewelry should thus be safe for even hyper-sensitive customers. The stunning crystals from Swarovski are the main ingredient in Caprice custom jewelry, giving you pieces of extremely high quality and brilliance. Most pieces are made of brass plated with 24K gold, antique silver or other platings. When you wear these jewels, you are in high risk of putting a spell on your surroundings!

"Whenever I decide something with an open heart, I usually make the right decisions. Life-long learning has taught me that continuously reaching out and touching people is key to life. People forget what you said and what you did - but they never forget how you made them feel. I want you to feel fabulous - enhancing your natural beauty and confidence by wearing some of our precious jewelry treasures"

Founder and owner

Hi my name is EvaLena Kamperin and I´m the owner of the brand EvaLenas Precious Treasures. I spent the last 18 months in Oslo, Norway and before that I lived in Houston, USA for about 5 years. Now I have started my own business i lovely Marbella, Spain. I´m inviting you to follow my journey with my precious treasures.

Pieces from the collection

" I am proud to say my name EvaLena. I think it´s a beautiful name and it was chosen for a special reason. My name came about because my parents met someone who really touched them. Her kindness, "glowing heart", affection and support for others were a beacon for us. Her name was EvaLena. Every day, my name reminds me of the meaning of compassion - this was the wish of my parents - promoting fundamental values to sustain camaraderie & advancement. I am very thankful for their continued support & encouragement - and the company name is a tribute to my mother Marita and my father Ingemar"


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